Thanksgiving turkey - Our top tips for the perfect turkey recipe…

Posted on 5th November 2013
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The North American tradition of thanksgiving is increasingly popular, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November with a thanksgiving turkey dinner amongst friends. Initially created as a day of giving thanks for the harvest and the preceding year, the occasion is ever more alluring as an excuse to get loved ones together as the nights draw in and the winter encroaches. John Howe Turkeys offer their tops tip on how to wow the crowd with a perfect thanksgiving turkey recipe.

First things first…

Buy the best Thanksgiving turkey your budget allows. John Howe Turkeys are nurtured throughout the year in a traditional manner for a superior flavour. We prepare and hand-finish every bird. We are sure you will not be disappointed.

It’s all in the preparation…

Once you’ve picked your perfect Thanksgiving turkey you need to look after it, lay the foundations for a perfect moist bird. We recommend the ‘Nigella’ method of soaking the bird overnight – in approximately 7 litres of water with 350g of table salt and some herbs and spices – bouquet garni, cinnamon, caraway, cloves, juice of two oranges, whatever you fancy.

The big day has arrived…

Remove your thanksgiving turkey from the brine and pat dry – leaving for one to two hours before cooking, bringing the bird up to room temperature. Preheat the oven to 200°C. Paint the turkey with melted butter and maple syrup, reserving some to baste the turkey throughout the cooking process.

Into the oven…

John Howe thanksgiving turkey is all free range, meaning that there is a good amount of fat marbled throughout the bird. This fat conducts the temperature and the bird cooks more quickly. The turkey needs to be cooked until the meat is white, the juices run clear and the meat is at 74°C. View our blog for information on Turkey cooking times.


Once cooked, remove the bird from the oven and leave to rest for 30 to 60 minutes before serving. Your thanksgiving turkey will be moist and succulent. Enjoy every bite! And there’s always enough for leftovers with a John Howe Turkey.

If you want some more information on John Howe thanksgiving turkeys, get in touch!

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