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Christmas turkey – Our top tips for the perfect Christmas day celebration
Posted on 4th December 2013

We’re all learning how to bake the good old fashioned way again thanks to recent on-screen bake-offs and there’s nothing more traditional than roasting a festive free range turkey that’s been allowed to mature naturally on a free-range farm. You can still order one now to be ready for your guests on Christmas day.

Thanksgiving turkey - Our top tips for the perfect turkey recipe…
Posted on 5th November 2013

The North American tradition of thanksgiving is increasingly popular, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November with a thanksgiving turkey dinner amongst friends. Initially created as a day of giving thanks for the harvest and the preceding year, the occasion is ever more alluring as an excuse to get loved ones together as the nights draw in and the winter encroaches. John Howe Turkeys offer their tops tip on how to wow the crowd with a perfect thanksgiving turkey recipe.

Turkey leftover recipes
Posted on 20th December 2012

It's inevitable that when you have a roast turkey at Christmas you're going to need some turkey leftover recipes. Every family has their classics, turkey leftover curry being rather popular, but there are some more modern, interesting and delicious turkey leftover recipes about. It's also quite fun to create your own turkey leftover recipes, you just have to think creatively!

Turkey Cooking Times
Posted on 18th December 2012

Getting your turkey cooking times right can be tricky. There are so many other things to worry about on Christmas day that all too often you forget those carefully planned turkey cooking times and your lovely turkey is just shoved into the oven.

Cooking Turkey
Posted on 7th December 2012

Cooking turkey with all the trimmings seems an integral part of the British Christmas these days.  Whilst cooking turkey for the main part of our Christmas meal is a relatively new phenomenon, cooking turkey at some point in the Christmas period has been commonplace for centuries for some sections of society. A turkey’s natural life cycle means it reaches full maturity in the winter, so cooking turkey then makes sense.

Turkey Recipes - Alternatives for Christmas lunch
Posted on 2nd December 2012

Not everyone will have the time or inclination to cook a whole turkey with all the trimmings for their Christmas lunch. There are plenty of turkey recipes you can use for a less traditional Christmas meal and you can also substitute turkey for different meats in other recipes.

Turkey Crown - all you need to know for your perfect Christmas dinner
Posted on 24th November 2012

Christmas is nearly upon us now and we bet you haven’t even thought about cooking that all important dinner yet! If the thought of cooking a whole bird is a little daunting, fear not - there are a number of different turkey joint options available, including the versatile turkey crown.

Posted on 4th November 2012

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